Important Information — Please read before contacting us

This counselling service is strictly:

• NOT crisis intervention (See important notice for emergencies).

• NOT for individuals who are currently abusing drugs or alcohol. In order to use our service, you must already be well into recovery and have a comprehensive and well-established support network.

• NOT for individuals with psychiatric conditions such as bi-polar disorder,  personality disorders, schizophrenia, or psychosis.

• NOT a substitute for necessary medical attention or hospital care.

• NOT a ‘repair shop’ for the mind.

• Fully Human Psychotherapy does not accept referrals from EAP companies or other referral companies.

• At Fully Human Psychotherapy we do not practice CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). We are completely opposed to CBT as an approach to mental health and therapy. CBT is out of step with neuroscience. It is based on incorrect assumptions about mental health, especially: that thoughts create feelings, that there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings, that there is such a thing as ‘faulty’ thinking or that uncomfortable feelings are a problem to get rid of. Our core values are humanistic and CBT is based on anti-humanistic values and principles.

We consider CBT harmful because it leads people away from the neural integration work that is essential for good mental health, development and recovery from trauma or other psychological injuries. It also constitutes ‘more of the same’ as most people have already tried to push their uncomfortable feelings away, ‘think’ them away, manage or control them. For good neural integration which is what’s needed for a healthy and fulfilling life, feelings need to be listened to properly as nature intended. Feelings can be uncomfortable but they are a significant source of information that we need in order to live a full life, manage our adult responsibilities within a complex modern reality and make good, adult decisions. The more uncomfortable feelings are, the more we need to listen to them and they won’t go away until we do. Feelings are not in themselves a problem, or the problem, no matter how uncomfortable they are.

Please be aware that CBT is intended only for symptom relief. It was never developed and was never intended for growth or development. CBT is unable to help people work through the underlying causes of problems. It is therefore a form of counselling rather than psychotherapy.

Because pure CBT doesn’t work, we believe it can cause further harm because it can leave people feeling even more like failures. The CBT programme often feels to people irrelevant, sterile and boring and most people are unable to follow it. It can therefore cause many people to conclude that their problems cannot be solved. CBT can be especially harmful for people with trauma because it focuses entirely on the outside and ignores the complex context of trauma and what caused it in each individual. People with trauma tend to feel that their problems are their fault and CBT risks reinforcing this message. (To read more about this, see a link to my trauma booklet below).

The vast majority of people are capable of much more than just symptom management. Most people are able to change the architecture of their brain — something we do each time we learn something new — in the ways necessary for growth and development. 

• Fully Human Psychotherapy does not offer therapy by phone, email, Skype, or any other remote method except very occasionally to clients who we otherwise see face-to-face, and under certain circumstances if a client cannot make a face-to-face appointment. We do not have the specialised training needed to practice psychotherapy by remote methods or online.

• Fully Human psychotherapy does not offer symptom management or ‘techniques’ to manage emotions. Our practice focuses on the real work that needs to be done in order to grow and develop. Symptoms begin to disappear as a byproduct of real and effective psychotherapy. What we pursue is integration (growth), not symptom reduction or management.

• Fully Human psychotherapy does not offer techniques like EMDR, hypnotherapy or EFT (the tapping technique). Anything that promises to re-wire the brain quickly is out of step with how our brain works.

• Fully Human psychotherapy does not offer shortcuts, tricks or quick fixes simply because there aren’t any in human psychology. The human brain takes time to wire and re-wire itself in order to change its neural architecture.

You cannot ‘fix’ psychological issues overnight or get rid of symptoms you have had for a long time for the very same reason that you cannot learn a new language over night. Our brain just doesn’t work this way. Real and lasting change takes time and a great deal of practice. Practice of the right emotional skills (and there is right and wrong when it comes to emotions!) leads to neural integration in the key areas of the brain that are responsible for what we think of as good mental health, healthy self-esteem, healing, maturity, confidence, healthy boundaries, feeling grounded, fulfilled and peaceful. (If you want to read a bit more about this, take a look at my booklets on anxiety and relationships. See links below.)

• About Facebook  — Because of professional boundaries we don’t ‘friend’ clients on our personal Facebook pages. (To learn more about professional boundaries please look at the Ethics page on this site.) Clients and members of the general public are welcome to ‘Like’ and post questions or comments on the Fully Human Facebook page any time!