Seeing clients by Skype if required

To all my current clients and prospective clients:

I do not anticipate any problems continuing to see clients at my new office in Cawdor and in Inverness. I myself am in good health and have no symptoms of anything.

BT are scheduled to install broadband in the new office in Cawdor on the 24th of March. If you are unable to attend a session because you or someone else in your household needs to self-isolate and prefer to see me by Skype (or other VC* method) instead at the same time slot you are booked into, this should be possible from the 24th onwards.

In Inverness I’m afraid I have no broadband and no control over installing it, so that is trickier. If you normally see me in Inverness and would like an appointment by Skype, it will have to be rescheduled.

In principle, I only work by remote methods with clients that I have met in person. However, under the circumstances I might have to make exceptions for new clients and will evaluate every new enquiry as I go.

Currently in the Highlands and Moray we are not that worried about the virus but the situation could change and some people might need to self-isolate. Skype is a good option if you are not ill and can sit in front of the computer or tablet.

I hope everyone stays healthy and safe and that we will ride this crisis and come out the other end of it wiser, gentler and more compassionate. <3

*VC stands for Video Conferencing – which is basically a way of talking to someone live and seeing them at the same time. If Skype doesn’t work for you or has problems, I use another system called Zoom that works really well. If you need to use any of that, don’t worry too much about the technical side. It’s not that bad and I am pretty good at it… 🙂

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