Unable to Accept New Clients Until April

I am sorry but I am unable to accept new clients for the time being. I will review this at the start of April. Please visit here again for updates. If you were hoping to see me in the near future, I am sorry to disappoint you. Please do not wait for me, and be sure to find a therapist to see you as soon as possible.

If you would like to see a therapist who works in a similar way to me, and you do not mind working online, try my supervisee Kasia McMorland.

Psychotherapy has come a long way from the theoretical field it used to be when I studied for my degree in the late 1990’s. Thanks to the ground braking work of Dr Dan Siegel, psychotherapy now has a proper scientific framework.

There is no longer any excuse for mental health, or psychotherapy to remain a mystery to clients. Anyone can, and should understand what therapy is, and how the process works. Anyone can learn and apply the correct tools to change and grow, and to monitor and assess their own progress. All therapists should be able to explain how they work, and how their approach is meant to help clients with their challenges. It is not OK for any mental health professional to be defensive if asked about this, or to not have a clear answer.

If you wish to find out more about psychotherapy, and learn principles you can put into practice immediately, please read my short book, Therapy Without A Therapist. My journal/workbook Let’s Integrate is intended as a companion to Therapy Without a Therapist. It is meant for anyone who wishes to engage with the therapeutic process, and achieve what my clients achieve, even without seeing a therapist.

I have published other short books on topics like grief & adjustment to change, anxiety, trauma, and relationships. They are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


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