Other Professionals

Supervision for other professionals

Clinical supervision is recognised as crucial for the work of mental health professionals. It is not yet required in other professions although professionals in other fields often face a potentially high risk of burnout in a similar way to people in the mental health field. Other professionals that can benefit from clinical supervision are social workers, life coaches, doctors, nurses, midwives, ambulance officers and medics in general, teachers, complementary medicine practitioners, police officers, fire and rescue personnel, prison officers, military personnel, professional carers, clergy, volunteers who engage in areas of human and animal suffering and members of any other profession where there is a high volume of emotional content and the potential to encounter emotionally challenging or distressing material.

Avigail offers supervision to professionals from other fields who feel that they could benefit from ongoing support in their work in a safe, supportive, challenging and confidential environment. It is for those who wish to maintain their wellbeing and job satisfaction over time, avoid burnout, develop professionally and personally and enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work.

Avigail’s supervision sessions run for 90 minutes and the fee is £80 per session. Facilitation of group supervision is also available for organisations.