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Welcome to Fully Human. Fully Human is a private psychotherapy, supervision, training and consultancy practice owned and run by Avigail Abarbanel.

Avigail has worked in private practice in Canberra (Australia) since 1999. She moved to the Scottish Highlands in January 2010 and reestablished her practice in July that year.

Avigail is a BACP Accredited psychotherapist, and (UK Other Professional Body Accredited) Member of COSCA. She is on the BACP Register and on the COSCA Register.

Avigail works with adult individuals, couples and families on a variety of life issues. She is a supervisor and she also runs groups and facilitates workshops for professionals and offers seminars and talks for the public.

  • Fully Human practices a policy of non-discrimination and is welcoming to the LGBT community and to people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, faiths & creeds.
  • Fully Human  is not affiliated with any faith or religion.

*Please note that the usual waiting period for a first appointment with Avigail is 3 to 5 weeks. If it is urgent for you to see someone, please do not wait . You can try the BACP Find A Therapist facility or the COSCA Directory to locate another therapist in your area. Other options are to ask a GP or someone you trust for a referral.

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