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I am sorry, but due to poor uptake, I have had to cancel all the workshops I had planned for this year. I’ll try again next year. If you are interested, please send me an email and if enough people ask I can always schedule something. 

A new workshop offered throughout 2021 

Therapy Without A Therapist:

The neuroscience of fulfilling your Potential

If you are sceptical about therapy and anything to do with mental health; if like many you think the whole thing is ‘airy fairy’, intimidating or pointless, then I’d like to tell you that you’re right and that this workshop might be for you.

About the workshop

Therapy and mental health do not have to be, and must not remain a mystery. As I say at the start of the first chapter of my most recent booklet:

“Most people have no idea what psychotherapy is or what therapists do and I don’t think this is acceptable. You can live a perfectly good life without understanding the first thing about quantum physics or how a washing machine works but mental health is everyone’s business.” (—Therapy Without A Therapist. p.17)

Thanks to Dr Dan Siegel’s framework of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), things in therapy are now very different compared with what they used to be. Not only do all my clients understand fully what therapy is and what they or we are there to do in therapy, they are fully in charge of their process. They also learn how to evaluate their own progress and get the evidence they need to see and understand the changes they experience in themselves.

My clients realise from the first session that what they are doing in therapy, initially or seemingly for themselves, in fact has a significant impact on all their relationships and on everyone in their lives. And no, we don’t blame or judge parents or anyone for that matter. Parents, and people in general, do the best they can with their level of development and with what they know. We can do a lot better, yes, but it’s not a matter of blame. It’s a matter of learning how we operate, why we are the way we are and applying the knowledge we have in order to develop towards our potential.

The workshop is offered in two 2.5-hour sessions. The first session will focus on sharing and teaching the approach I use in my practice. The second session will be more practical and will encourage discussion and reflection. A week between sessions offers participants the opportunity to digest and process the information and to develop their own understanding, insights, thoughts and questions. No one will be pressured to share anything and everyone’s autonomy will be respected.

The workshop is intended to accompany my new short book, Therapy Without A Therapist: DIY Good Mental Health and Growth but it is not a requirement to read it. Participants will receive a free copy.  


The drive to grow never goes away but physical needs and safety should be seen as a priority and a pre-condition before we are able to engage with our growth process. This workshop is not a substitute for therapy with a professional, if you need it, nor for getting help if you are in crisis or in a bad situation.

If you or any vulnerable people around you, such as children, are not safe, the priority is to get help for yourself and any vulnerable people for whom you are responsible. You can always get therapy later or engage with your development once you and your loved-ones are safe and looked-after.

Workshop details

  • 2 x 2.5 hour sessions over two consecutive Saturdays.
  • Training is offered online – I use Zoom Pro. Links to log in will be sent in advance of each workshop.
  • This workshop is for everyone. No prior knowledge or education are needed for this training, only an agile, curious mind that’s motivated to learn and grow.
  • The workshop could be useful for parents, mental health professionals, social workers teachers, doctors, nurses, or anyone whose work has an impact on people’s minds.
  • Groups are limited to 10 participants.
  • The cost is on a scale between £55 to £85. It is an honour system and I leave it up to you to decide how much to pay based on your resources.

What is included

  • 2 sessions of 2.5 hours delivered online via Zoom
  • Copies of the slides/presentation – sent electronically
  • A free copy of Therapy Without a Therapist – Please provide a postal address on your booking form. The book will be sent directly from Amazon worldwide and it can take two to three weeks to receive it.
  • I will be assisted by Brendan Stephens, a senior social worker. He will be available for a side chat if anyone needs assistance.

Timetable to the end of 2021

  • I offer a few different time options to give an opportunity to people outside the UK to attend.
  • All the times below are UK times! If you are outside the UK please be sure to check the exact time for your location before booking.
  • Session dates cannot be mixed and matched! Please do not assume that you can attend session 1 in one time frame and session 2 in another. It is likely that it won’t be possible.
  • Please note the cancellation policy below


October     (CANCELLED)


November/ December   (CANCELLED)

Cancellation Policy

  • Up to two weeks before the workshop — Full refund
  • Up to one week before the workshop —   50%
  • Last minute (one week or less)   —  No refund


Please fill in the booking form and send it to me by email. (You can download it also by clicking on the form image below). The booking form is a fillable MS Word document.

For a non-fillable PDF version please click here.

Once I receive your form, I will send you an invoice. You will find the payment details at the bottom of the invoice. Your booking will be confirmed once the payment has gone through.